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I think you should do what your good at

The voice acting is poor and the backgrounds are aswell. But the fighting scenes are above decent. I think you could do very well at making battlevideos, without long stories behind it. Just place a nice beat behind it and there you have a nice video.

Greetz Duba

Laughing golem

The crying golem animation is very nice. Loved it.

Love that music

Comes from the karate game on NES :p I always hated those midgets that hugged you.

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Pretty enjoyable

Good concept for a game. Could be a bit smoother and graphics could be more interesting.

Also thanks for using my loop.

Hi man

When you send me the unfinished version of this I thought this was gonna be crap. To be really honest I think this is an impressive way of delivering a message with just some pixels.

If you would like to work together in the future, I'll happily make you a track on demand. We could make the pieces fit together even better.

Greetz Duba

Thanks for using my audio

Yeah !! 2nd game on one day with my music

love it !

I really love the concept, the mixture of two older games turned into a new great one. I find it kinda hard to stay calm when under time pressure :)

Greetz Duba

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Great sounds. Love it.

Strong track mate. PM me when it's done pls

TotalHarmonicControl responds:

it's finished :) check out my userpage!

Great sounds man.

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Nice work man

It seems very professional. Nice use of grey and shades.

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